CA Lottery Daily 4 Results

CA Lottery also offers the Daily 4 which is a "pick 4" style lotto that began in May 2008. Each Daily4 bet is $1 dollar and the drawing takes place daily. CALottery Daily 4 Play styles, similar to the Daily 3, offers a straight, box, and straight - box bet.

CA Lottery Daily 4 is played by a better picking four numbers 0 to 9 and a play style. Players may select the QuickPick option to pick the numbers for them electronically. The play style options are straight by default, otherwise the bettor chooses one, box, or straight - box. The CALottery Daily 4 game costs $1 per bet, per draw, and the Advance Play features gives players a chance to play 14 drawings in a row. Drawings are held twice daily and aired on TV at 1:29 p.m. and 6:59 p.m. PST.

CA Lottery Daily 4 results are updated immediately after each live CALottery drawing from Daily 4 Winning Numbers.
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